ESTJ / Aquarius

Executive (ESTJ) - AQUARIUS

Who is an Executive (ESTJ)?

Executives are individuals with the Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking and Judging personality traits. They tend to be hardworking, devoted and responsible people who value tradition and order. Task-oriented, executives live in the present and are known for being wellorganized, practical and focused.

These people are kind, friendly and generous, though later you may find that they are quite guarded and may choose to keep some emotional distance. Alongside this, they are quite subversive and rebellious - filled with many quirks that make them memorable characters. They feel deeply concerned with humanitarian causes. They tend to care very much for the welfare of others and society as a whole. This means as humanitarians, you can usually see them fighting power structures and campaigning against oppression. Executive/Aquarius are conventional, factual, and grounded in reality. For them, the proof is in the past: what has worked and what has been done before. They value evidence over conjecture, and trust their personal experience. They look for rules to follow and standards to meet, and often take a leadership role in helping other people meet expectations as well. They concern themselves with maintaining the social order and keeping others in line. They often take on a project manager role at home as well as at work, and excel at setting goals, making decisions, and organizing resources to accomplish a task.

Executive/Aquarius are intellectual and analytical, but don't mistake these attributes for aloofness. They have deep passion, but they know jumping into something too quickly can cause more harm than good. They are often big-picture thinkers who can see connections in a way that eludes others. They have energy, warmth, and a deep desire to get things done. They feel they're on the planet to change the world and they will do so. Executive/Aquarians are idealistic, and will never accept "good enough" until they truly believe it's good enough. They make hard things look easy, because they find joy in the journey.

When in love, Executive/Aquarius is likely to remember little details and pull out every trick they can think of or have heard of to secure your affections. Expect to be treated very generously, as they cannot help themselves and need to please their loved ones. They are very passionate lovers and likely to give all physically once they are sure of their feelings for you. They’re likely to try to please you even if they know they will fail. It is really a case of 'it's the thought that counts'. Their earnestness in trying to love you as best they can is very endearing and makes for a good foundation to a relationship as you are likely to remember these little things if things get bumpy during an argument. Being committed to the well-being of the household, they will ensure that the tasks and duties of the household are done properly. Everything should be in order – how the furniture is placed, the TV remote, the laundry, etc. They are protectors, wanting to preserve the household as a haven of safety for those whom they love. However, because of this, they may come across to their partners as controlling or micro-managing.

They enjoy working with their hands and tinkering with various kinds of objects. In fact, they may prefer working with objects than with people. Their attention to detail and focus to follow through makes them great craftsman. They make great managers because of their organizational ability and decisiveness. They respect organizational hierarchies and expect others to do the same as well. They are comfortable taking charge of a situation and in making a logical, fair and objective assessment and decision.






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