ISFP / Gemini

Adventurer (ISFP) - GEMINI

Who is an Adventurer (ISFP)?

Adventurers are individuals with the Introverted, Sensing, Feeling and Perceiving personality traits. They tend to be spontaneous, friendly and sensitive people with a great sense of integrity. Creative and with a strong aesthetic appreciation, adventurers are also known for their artistic qualities.

If you can’t make it through this sentence without firing up Twitter, gazing off into the clouds (wait, are those stratus or cumulus?) or wondering where you left your keys, you might be an Adventurer/Gemini. Sure, they try to stay on task, but there are only 24 hours in a day (and so many possibilities). These chameleons are always adapting based on the situations or groups surrounding them—which makes them tougher than most to define. Charming – People with the Adventurer/Gemini combo are relaxed and warm, and their “live and let live” attitude naturally makes them likable and popular. They easily relate to others’ emotions, helping them to establish harmony and good will, and minimize conflict. Being so aware of others’ emotions, they use creativity and insight to craft bold ideas that speak to people’s hearts. While it’s hard to explain this quality on a resume, this vivid imagination and exploratory spirit help them in unexpected ways.

They are extremely perceptive and aware of others. They constantly gather specific information about people, and seek to discover what it means. They are usually penetratingly accurate in their perceptions of others. These people are action oriented individuals. They are "doers", and are usually uncomfortable with theorizing concepts and ideas, unless they see a practical application. They learn best in a "hands-on" environment, and consequently may become easily bored with the traditional teaching methods, which emphasize abstract thinking. They do not like impersonal analysis, and are uncomfortable with the idea of making decisions based strictly on logic. Their strong value systems demand that decisions are evaluated against their subjective beliefs, rather than against some objective rules or laws.

Adventurer/Geminis are master flirts and as such don't need as much personal attention from their lovers as some other combos do. They can happily commit, but please don't expect them to stop being friendly. They are incapable of not being friendly and don't see anything wrong in their behavior, and may become tired of a more possessive partner. When in love they like stimulation! If conflict arises, you may find you really have to focus on how you are trying to reason with your Adventurer/Gemini. Known for their keen intelligence, they sometimes take extra convincing, but they are smart enough to acknowledge the flip side of situations and can easily shift their opinion. Just don't nag a them. That instantly will defeat your purpose.