ESTP / Gemini

Entrepreneur (ESTP) - GEMINI

Who is an Entrepreneur (ESTP)?

Entrepreneurs are individuals with the Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking and Perceiving personality traits. They tend to be enthusiastic, social and spontaneous people who loves to be the center of attention. Being straight-forward risk-takers, entrepreneurs are known for their ability to get things done.

These people are full of energy and will talk about all their ideas, ALL the time! Their minds never shut down and if there’s anyone who can find a solution to just about any problem, it’ll be an Entrepreneur/Gemini. A fearless thinker, they are always down to try something new. But after they have shared their progressive vision with the world, it’s best to let them get back to ideating. This hyperactive personality combo have short a attention span and are most satisfied when they can move fluidly from one idea to the next. Active and playful, they are often the life of the party and have a good sense of humor. They use their keen powers of observation to assess their audience and adapt quickly to keep interactions exciting. Although they typically appear very social, they are rarely sensitive. They prefer to keep things fast-paced and silly rather than emotional or serious.

They tend to keep people on their toes, never quite knowing what the Entrepreneur/Gemini will poke fun at next. They are unabashedly gregarious with people, but their interest in individuals may not last long; they are more likely to work a room, having a laugh with everyone, than they are to engage in depth with any one person. They are comfortable in their physical environment and always looking for some action or activity. There is so much childish innocence in the nature of an Entrepreneur/Gemini, telling their tale of brotherhood, love between best friends and relatives who are entirely different by character, circumstances, physical appearance or upbringing. They are in this world to mend differences and make them feel right, ready to give their life for a brother or a friend. rThis person rarely has a hidden agenda. Playful and intellectually curious, Entrepreneur/Gemini is constantly juggling a variety of passions, hobbies, careers, and friend groups. They are the social butterflies who can talk to anyone about anything. Find them buzzing between happy hours, dinner parties, and dance floors.

Entrepreneur/Gemini are enthusiastic and passionate when they are in love and truly enjoy allowing themselves to get wrapped up in this. They really hate being bored and don’t want to feel like they are stuck in their current situation. When they fall in love this is an exciting opportunity to get wrapped up in something new and thrilling. They want to make the most out of this and are naturally very enthusiastic partners. They aren’t only enthusiastic when they are falling in love, but are this way in their relationship as well. They want to be able to take their partner on new adventures and enjoy being with someone who is willing to explore something new. The biggest challenge for their love life is to find an emotion that lasts, especially as they get older and realize that they are already in a repetitive mode of superficial or disappointing bonds. Fun and always ready for an intellectual challenge, they see love first through communication and verbal contact, and find it as important as physical contact with their partner.

These people need to keep moving, and so does well in careers where he or she is not restricted or confined. They make extremely good salespersons. They will become stifled and unhappy dealing with routine chores. They have a natural abundance of energy and enthusiasm, which makes them natural entrepreneurs. They get very excited about things, and have the ability to motivate others to excitement and action. The can sell anyone on any idea. They never get stuck in the past and doesn't ruminate on what might have been. Instead, they move forward with glass-half-full optimism and an ability to always look on the bright side—and land on their feet—in nearly any situation. They are quite happy keeping their own company, and can often turn their solitary daydreams into reality.



Great sense of humor