ESTP / Aries

Entrepreneur (ESTP) - ARIES

Who is an Entrepreneur (ESTP)?

Entrepreneurs are individuals with the Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking and Perceiving personality traits. They tend to be enthusiastic, social and spontaneous people who loves to be the center of attention. Being straight-forward risk-takers, entrepreneurs are known for their ability to get things done.

These people love to be winners. Their competitive nature means that they usually succeed quite well in all areas of their life. If it is a case of working harder or smarter, they will always succeed. They like to be challenged which means that their lives are rarely boring or repetitive. Their enthusiasm can also reach into the lives of those they care about, by showing them new ways to do things and pushing them to meet their own challenges and make their lives what they desire them to be. Their positivity can mean their personalities are quite magnetic, bringing excitement to everything that they touch.

This personality combo think on their feet and are great at making quick decisions in the heat of the moment. At the same time, they’re affable people who always seem to make friends and connections wherever they go. Popularity and solid networking can be huge assets in the working world, and Entrepreneur/Aries nail it. Boisterous and spontaneous, fun-loving and maybe a little crass, people with the Entrepreneur/Aries personality type love tackling problems as they arise and telling great stories about their solutions afterwards. Naturally, some positions work better with these qualities than others, but these are adaptable individuals, and can find a way to make just about any situation a little more interesting.

In love, Entrepreneur/Aries will bring all of their warmth and energy to their relationships. They can be very loving and intense partners, and definitely need others who share their passion for life. They are usually quick to fall in love, as well as quite direct with what their desires are. No guessing games are needed, which can be refreshing in the ambiguous age of tinder and ghosting. They love to pursue love, and go after what they want with the same drive that they bring to all areas of their lives. While Entrepreneur/Aries are often seen as debaters or even jokesters, this does not mean they lack a sense of romance. They often find themselves focused on avoiding the more sentimental sides of themselves, but they do often emerge when they fall in love. When they truly feel themselves getting swept up in the feelings of falling in love with someone, they can be rather romantic with this person. The more comfortable and safe they feel expressing this part of themselves, the stronger it will become.

Given their propensity for competition, Entrepreneur/Aries people can get very far in life in terms of their careers. They will move up through the ranks faster than others, and will thrive in environments that encourage or reward their competitive natures. These people make great leaders and love to be in leadership positions. They can deal with not being leaders, but if they disagree with their bosses, their sense of justice and aggression can make that relationship difficult. Their high levels of energy mean that they can work for long shifts quite easily. They also tend to be very good at keeping records, although they are not so interested in details.