ESTP / Scorpio

Entrepreneur (ESTP) - SCORPIO

Who is an Entrepreneur (ESTP)?

Entrepreneurs are individuals with the Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking and Perceiving personality traits. They tend to be enthusiastic, social and spontaneous people who loves to be the center of attention. Being straight-forward risk-takers, entrepreneurs are known for their ability to get things done.

Entrepreneur/Scorpio love to be the center of attention and live to experience and express emotion. If an audience member is asked to come on stage, they volunteer – or volunteer a shy friend. They are excellent leaders because they are very dedicated to what they do. They hate dishonesty and can be very jealous and suspicious, so they need to learn how to adapt more easily to different human behaviors. Entrepreneur/Scorpio keep their conversation energetic, with a good dose of intelligence, but they like to talk about what is – or better yet, to just go out and do it. They leap before they look, fixing their mistakes as they go, rather than sitting idle, planning their escape. Rules were made to be broken.

They live in the moment and dive into the action – they are the eye of the storm. People with this personality type enjoy drama, passion, and pleasure, not for emotional thrills, but because it’s so stimulating to their logical minds. They are forced to make critical decisions based on factual, immediate reality in a process of rapid-fire rational stimulus response. Honesty and fairness are two trademarks for this personality and they are fantastic in management, solving and creating and never giving up! They are disciplined enough to stick to a budget, but they are also not afraid of hard work to get them the lifestyle that they feel they deserve.

The Entrepreneur/Scorpio is tedious, confident, intense and very competitive. To keep their interest there always have to be new things happening and always a new challenge and a new problem to solve. They prefer to communicate clearly, with direct and factual questions and answers. Things are what they are. What’s fun for this personality is finding ideas that are actionable and drilling into the details so they can put them to use. They are action-oriented, hands-on and always ready to take risk.

Entrepreneur/Scorpio has no problem separating the physical act from the more emotional and spiritual connections that many other types look for in intimacy and can be a serious source of tension if everybody isn’t on the same page. Some types need sex to be a genuine expression of love – Entrepreneur/Scorpios just aren’t one of them. As time passes, it can be challenging for them to move their relationships to deeper, more emotionally intimate levels. Easily bored, people with this personality type seek constant excitement and there’s always a risk they feel stuck. If their partners aren’t able to keep up, they may just end up looking for someone new. To keep an Entrepreneur/Scorpio they need a sexual experience that goes beyond physical limitations, a deep soul connection. Never try to control this person, they have to stay in control at all times. To be in a relationship with an Entrepreneur/Scorpio is both complex and fascinating. They aren’t exactly pining away for their wedding day. Life is fun and full of surprises and they enjoy it all in the here and now, so don’t expect to be at the top of their priority list, nothing will ever be as exciting as their newest project or idea.

This personality type are definitely the life of the party. They are never boring as they love exploring interesting ideas, both in discussion and by going out and seeing for themselves, which means that Entrepreneur/Scorpios always seem to have some fun activity hidden up their sleeves.