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Who is a Consul (ESFJ)?

Consuls are individuals with the Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling and Judging personality traits. They tend to be friendly, supportive and empathetic people with great social skills. As genuine people persons, consuls are often described as natural caretakers who love to help others.

Consul/Sagittarius take seriously their responsibility to help and to do the right thing. Unlike their Diplomat relatives however, people with the Consul personality type will base their moral compass on established traditions and laws, upholding authority and rules, rather than drawing their morality from philosophy or mysticism. It’s important for Consul/ Sagittarius to remember though, that people come from many backgrounds and perspectives, and what may seem right to them isn’t always an absolute truth. They have an independent streak like no other sign. Independence and the freedom to pursue what they want when they want is of the utmost importance to these people. They are travelers, risk-takers, and have a great mind for business and sports! This means that they tend to be some of the most innovative people out there. Not afraid to blaze their own trails, even if that means going it alone.

All this independence can sometimes translate to behavior that seems spontaneous to the point of random and a tendency to get bored easily. While Consul/Sagittariuses are great to have on a team, their independent streak can make it hard for people to build consensus. While they tend to be compassionate and not consciously mean, it's also not unusual for them to do their own thing...even if that wasn't exactly agreed upon by everyone else. Their driving force is to understand and connect with people in meaningful ways. They pay strong attention to detail and awareness of lessons learned from past experience. However sometimes they can get so wrapped up in the feelings and needs of other people that they lose sight of the most logical approach to a situation. They also have a hard time handling criticism in any way and might get very defensive if approached with their faults.

The Consul/Sagittarius need for independence will make it difficult for them to commit to one specific person. Especially when younger they do have a tendency to move through partners quite frequently and their tendency towards painful honesty can lead to a lot of hurt feelings, especially for more sensitive personality types. Prizing social validation and a sense of belonging, romantic relationships hold a special level of importance to them though and once they mature and find the right person they need to know that their partners will always be by their sides offering unwavering support, and marriage and family are the ultimate goal. Everything about Consul/Sagittarius relationships is based on satisfying mutual needs, such as building mutual respect and support for each other’s opinions and goals. Knowing that they are loved and appreciated has a huge effect on their mood and self-esteem.

Having a Consul/Sagittarius for a friend can be a lot of fun. But it can be challenging to have them as a best friend. Intimate friendship takes time to develop, and because they are often on the hunt for something new, they can tend to drift in and out of your life. It's not uncommon for a close Consul/Sagittarius friend to disappear for a long time, only to reappear when you most need them. These people may often be found playing host or hostess. They tend to take on the role of organizer without hesitation, and want to be sure that everyone is taken care of. They are interested in other people and like to know the details of their lives. They love to share stories about the people around them. Consul/Sagittarius often have strong opinions about how people should behave and the proper thing to do. Manners and other codes of social interaction are often of great interest to them. They may think in terms of black and white, right and wrong and can be judgmental of others who they do not think are acting appropriately. But all they really want is for things to be all right with the people around them.






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