ESFJ / Gemini

Consul (ESFJ) - GEMINI

Who is a Consul (ESFJ)?

Consuls are individuals with the Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling and Judging personality traits. They tend to be friendly, supportive and empathetic people with great social skills. As genuine people persons, consuls are often described as natural caretakers who love to help others.

All else being equal, Consul/Gemini enjoy being in charge. They see problems clearly and delegate easily, work hard and play with zest. They bear strong allegiance to rights of seniority. They willingly provide service (which embodies life's meaning) and expect the same from others. Strong, contradictory forces consume the Consul/Gemini. Their sense of right and wrong wrestles with an overwhelming rescuing, 'mothering' drive. This sometimes results in swift, immediate action taken upon a transgressor. Have you ever been so busy that you wished you could clone yourself just to get everything done? That’s the Consul/Gemini experience in a nutshell. They’re interested in so many pursuits that they would prefer to double themselves. Playful and intellectually curious, they’re constantly juggling a variety of passions, hobbies, careers, and friend groups. They are social butterflies and can talk to anyone about anything. Find them buzzing between happy hours, dinner parties, and dance floors.

They are warm and energetic and need approval from others to feel good about themselves. They are hurt by indifference and don't understand unkindness. They are very giving people, who get a lot of their personal satisfaction from the happiness of others. They want to be appreciated for who they are, and what they give. They're very sensitive to others, and freely give practical care. They are extremely good at reading others, and often change their own manner to be more pleasing to whoever they're with at the moment. Consul/Gemini expresses emotions externally and it’s all about output. They love to chat and often speak with their hands. Communication is paramount for them, and they require fluent streams of transmission. In fact, the act of expression is often even more important to them than what is actually being said — and they must remember to be thoughtful with their words.

Consul/Gemini are in love with love, and they adore the ritual of it all, from those "do they like me?" butterflies to the anticipation of a back-and-forth text volley. However they will eventually settle down, because these people are incredibly loyal and steadfast once they've chosen a partner. Let's be clear, though: Steadfast isn't a code word for boring. Consul/Gemini always love to keep things fresh and are happy to try almost anything in the bedroom. They're proud of their sexuality and depend on frequent physical check-ins to keep them grounded in their body. To them, sex is a celebration of life, and Gemini loves both sex and life. Consul/Gemini will keep fighting for the person they love, even when things get a big rough. They are capable of working hard for their relationship, and want to do whatever it takes to make things work. Once they love someone and is committed to them, they will want to make sure that the relationship will last. They will fight for this person even when no one else will and will stand by them. This can certainly be hard on them at times, since they will work hard for someone they love even if that person doesn’t entirely give this back in return.