ENTP / Libra

Debater (ENTP) - LIBRA

Who is a Debater (ENTP)?

Debaters are individuals with the Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Perceiving personality traits. They tend to be analytical, adaptable and enthusiastic people with excellent people skills. Being visionaries, debaters greatly value knowledge, and spend much of their time seeking a higher understanding of life.

Debater/Libra are often be seen as being indecisive, but if you try and understand them more deeply, you’ll see that this is a false judgement. They simply like to weigh the best options for themselves and everyone else around them. When they do make decisions, you can be assured that these decisions will give the best results for all parties involved. Many of them love physical exercise and tend to gravitate towards running and marathons. Meditation can be a great thing for this personality combo to do, as this helps create a space where they can make decisions and contemplate without interruptions.

Taking a certain pleasure in being the underdog, Debater/Gemini enjoy the mental exercise found in questioning the prevailing mode of thought, making them irreplaceable in reworking existing systems or shaking things up and pushing them in clever new directions. However, they’ll be miserable managing the day-to-day mechanics of actually implementing their suggestions. They love to brainstorm and think big, but they will avoid getting caught doing the “grunt work” at all. They know how to relax and have fun, it’s just that “fun” to Debater/Libras – a bottle of wine and a discussion about the causes of and solutions to the European migrant crisis – could be described as “an evening from hell” by many other personality combos. But Debater/Librass are a genial and enthusiastic personality type for the most part, and pretty much any situation that allows for conversation and a little wordplay is an enjoyable outing.

Debater/Libras value beauty. That’s why they often have excellent posture and eye contact. They are masters of dressing in a way that highlights their best physical features. They know that how they feel is directly related to how they look, and thus they use their appearance to express their moods. They are so attracted to the idea of beauty that they even find beauty in other people’s flaws. They believe everyone is capable of being beautiful and that anything that convinces them otherwise is just an illusion. Once invested in a relationship, they can also be highly communicative partners, who affirm their devotion through physical and verbal declarations. To love them, set aside time to learn about their interests and to engage in each new, wacky scheme they come up with alongside them. To them, displaying that you take them seriously and enjoy spending time with them is huge. They also enjoy being reminded of how much you love them through physical displays of affection and verbal praise.

They can take a lot of time to make decisions and this can frustrate other people in their lives. Sometimes this can even be mistaken as laziness. Their ability to be fair is a good thing, but can be problematic in relationships when they have a partner that feels like they should take priority over everyone else. Under stress, they may lose their ability to generate possibilities, and become obsessed with minor details. These details may seem to be extremely important to them, but in reality are usually not important to the big picture.