ENTP / Cancer

Debater (ENTP) - CANCER

Who is a Debater (ENTP)?

Debaters are individuals with the Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Perceiving personality traits. They tend to be analytical, adaptable and enthusiastic people with excellent people skills. Being visionaries, debaters greatly value knowledge, and spend much of their time seeking a higher understanding of life.

Many Debater/Cancer tend to have an odd sense of humor, and can sometimes find humor in situations where others don't see it. This means they are great to have around when things are not going great - they will bring with them their innate understanding of how to care for people alongside that humor. They are very understanding people, and work well as friends. They are quick to share and trust, despite their cool exterior, and value honesty in others. They are the one that other signs gravitate towards during moments of grief, because of their willingness to listen and ability to understand. They have an attraction to the past. They like to keep traditions alive. They like art that reminds them of a different time. They love old stories, or old art forms.

Their primary interest in life is understanding the world that they live in. They are constantly absorbing ideas and images about the situations they are presented in their lives. Using their intuition to process this information, they are usually extremely quick and accurate in their ability to size up a situation. They have a deeper understanding of their environment than any of the other personality combos. This ability to intuitively understand people and situations puts them at a distinct advantage in their lives. They generally understand things quickly and with great depth. They are good at most anything that interests them. As they grow and further develop their intuitive abilities and insights, they become very aware of possibilities, and this makes them quite resourceful when solving problems.

Once invested in a relationship, they are highly communicative partners, who affirm their devotion through physical and verbal declarations. To love a Debater/Cancer, set aside time to learn about their interests and to engage in each new, wacky scheme they come up with alongside them. To them, displaying that you take them seriously and enjoy spending time with them is huge. They do not fall quickly into a relationship, as they need to be sure of themselves before exposing their feelings. Once they do fall in love though, they fall deeply and will take relationships very seriously. They need to feel loved and appreciated, and will have depressive moods if they feel neglected by their partner. In relationships they are deeply reliant on their partner’s attention, and some of them may struggle with problems of codependency. Problems within a relationship may lead to some compulsive lying in order to protect themselves. When dating someone like this, it is important to remember their insecurities, and to forgive small transgressions as they are often rooted in feeling unloved. Reminding them of how much you value them and how needed they are is key to the relationship.

They’re less interested in developing plans of actions or making decisions than they are in generating possibilities and ideas. Following through on the implementation of an idea is usually a chore to them. For some, this results in the habit of never finishing what they start. If they haven’t developed their Thinking process they will have problems with jumping enthusiastically from idea to idea, without following through on their plans. They need to take care to think through their ideas fully in order to take advantage of them.