INFP / Capricorn


Who is a Mediator (INFP)?

Meditators are individuals with the Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Perceiving personality traits. They tend to be creative, empathetic and individualistic people with a desire to create their own unique path in life. Highly thoughtful and considerate, meditators are known to be good listeners with an ability to make people in their surroundings feel at ease.

Those born Mediatori/Capricorn are diligent, hard-working, calm people. They are both patient and handle pressure well; what other personality combos would lose their cool over, Mediatori/Capricorn takes with a calm attitude. They are quite shy, guarded and reserved, and they don't let people get too close until they are sure they can be trusted. This makes them great advice givers. They often have vibrant, passionate inner lives. Because they make up such a small portion of the population, people with this personality combo may sometimes feel misunderstood or out of step with the world. Fortunately, their caring nature can help them create and sustain deep relationships with their loved ones.

Mediator/Capricorns collect responsibility. And they always seem to take it all on. The feel the need to be the one to fix everything. Responsibility is their natural state. They are the guardians and the judges and sometimes they can feel like the loneliest people in the world. They wish to be completely self-sufficient but still longs to be part of it all. It is easy to pay lip service to virtues like compassion, creativity, originality and open- mindedness, but these ideas don’t mean much unless they can be translated into real-world applications. Fortunately, Mediator/Capricorn are masters at doing just that. Passionate and committed to the cause, these personalities have a unique ability to mold and shape their surrounding environment in ways that promote self- improvement and transcendent achievement for all.

They might not express their affections overtly, but Mediator/Capricorns are quite sentimental. They value family, tradition, and stability. They want to take life seriously. They want to build something real. They want to be responsible for something, and that is the most intimate act of all. Love is the end result of this deep desire. It is a way to make a commitment. Their emotional maturity can be seen in their ability to harness their baser feelings into something constructive. They are sensitive to the warmth of another person’s touch. Don’t be afraid to receive love from your Mediator/Capricorn in the same way as you give it! Though this type may not be outright in expressing how they feel right off the bat, if they’re putting aside time to spend with you and engaging in activities you enjoy with you, it’s their way of saying, “I’m interested.” As they get to know you better, this type tends to enjoy using written words to express their feelings. They may leave you little notes, poems or letters that let you know how much they love you. Take their words and their shows of physical affection at face value – if They say they love you, they mean it!

They are naturally inspiring leaders because of their ideals. When they share their ideals for the future, they often inspire others even without trying to. However, as leaders they need to take note not to entertain too many of these ideals. Taken to an extreme, they may stretch their team in too many ways and cause them to burn out. They may also tend to focus too much on the long-term vision and miss chances to make small incremental changes in an organization.