INFP / Scorpio

Mediator (INFP) - SCORPIO

Who is a Mediator (INFP)?

Meditators are individuals with the Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Perceiving personality traits. They tend to be creative, empathetic and individualistic people with a desire to create their own unique path in life. Highly thoughtful and considerate, meditators are known to be good listeners with an ability to make people in their surroundings feel at ease.

On the outside, Mediator/Scorpio may seem quiet or even shy. But they often have vibrant, passionate inner lives. Bubbling just beneath the surface is turbulent waters, intense passions and feelings that are hidden at first glance. They often have great self-control, more so than most others. This gives them a feeling of safety and security. Despite being rather private about themselves, they love getting to the truth of things - and their intuitions about others are typically very strong and correct, meaning that their ability to decipher the essence behind things are fast and efficient. People with this personality type may sometimes feel misunderstood or out of step with the world. Fortunately, their caring nature can help them create and sustain deep relationships with their loved ones. They value authenticity, empathy, and harmony. These personality combos tend to act with the best of intentions, and they are rightly proud of this trait. That said, they may feel isolated or discouraged when other people don’t share their idealism.

They rely heavily on their intuitions to guide them, and use their discoveries to constantly search for value in life. They are on a continuous mission to find the truth and meaning underlying things. Every encounter and every piece of knowledge gained gets sifted through their value system, and is evaluated to see if it has any potential to help them define or refine their own path in life. The goal at the end of the path is always the same - they’re driven to help people and make the world a better place. They are ususally good listeners and put people at ease. Although they may be reserved in expressing emotion, they have a very deep well of caring and are genuinely interested in understanding people. This makes them valued friends and confidantes. A Mediator/Scorpio can be quite warm with people he or she knows well.

Though they experience extremely strong emotions internally, Mediator/Scorpio prefer to show their love by spending time with those they care about and engaging in the activities that they enjoy alongside them. To show your lovefor the, set aside time specifically to spend with them. Join them in their favourite activities and learn about whatever it is that they’re passionate about. They will appreciate you taking an interest in the causes and activities that matter to them. Once you know them a little better, let your Mediator/Scorpio know explicitly how you feel about them – remind them r egularly that you love and care about them deeply, and shower them with small acts of physical affection. They tend to project perfection in their lives. They want to find the ideal job and live out their ideal life. But nowhere is this stronger than finding the ideal soulmate. The result of this is not always positive, as they tend to project this idealism on their partners. At first, they are blind to their partner’s faults, seeing only what they want to see, and even falsely assuming that their partners have certain traits.

Integrity means everything to these people, and that includes intellectual as well as moral integrity. Some people might accuse them of being overly imaginative or of being willing to stretch logic to the breaking point in order to find the deeper meaning they insist must exist, but there is no denying that the deeply reflective nature of Mediator/Scorpio allow them to transcend the boundaries of imagination that so often prevent us from discovering new solutions to old problems. As empathic idealists, harmonious relations are like a balm to the soul for this personality combo. In family settings or when working in groups, Ithey are highly effective as mediators because they are legitimately interested in the viewpoints of all and will go out of their way to make sure that everyone is given a fair hearing. They make loyal members of the family, as well as a faithful friend. They tend to see from a very early age where the family dynamics lie and who to avoid and who to push further. They will stand up for anyone in their family who is being bullied, even against other family members. When they are given their own space, they will be happy to spend time with their family as long as it is not too draining for them.



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