ESFJ / Aquarius


Who is a Consul (ESFJ)?

Consuls are individuals with the Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling and Judging personality traits. They tend to be friendly, supportive and empathetic people with great social skills. As genuine people persons, consuls are often described as natural caretakers who love to help others.

Consul/Aquarius motto: “There is no me, there’s only we”. Independent and enigmatical, these people are unique. There is no one quite like them, and because each is so incredibly individual, it can be tough to describe them as a group. Consul/Aquarians don't like labels, and may shy away from any adjective—even the good ones you might bestow upon them. They believe in the nature of change and evolution, and they may not necessarily believe they are the "same" people they were when they were born. They have a strong sense of social justice and making the world a better place, and see themselves as just one link in an endless human chain. They are people persons - they love people. They are warmly interested in others. They use their sensing and judging characteristics to gather specific, detailed information about others, and turn this information into supportive judgments. They want to like people, and have a special skill at bringing out the best in others. They are extremely good at reading others, and understanding their point of view.

Doing everything they can to make sure their friends are happy, and being so comfortable with introductions and small talk, Consul/Aquarius are naturally very popular in pretty much any environment. This is a dynamic that they genuinely enjoy, but they also expect their efforts and support to be reciprocated. There’s nothing quite as hurtful to people with this personality type as finding out that a trusted friend is critical of their beliefs or habits, except maybe being told so in a direct confrontation. By and large, the Consul/Aquarius personality type is a pleasant and sincere one. Their energy and social intelligence win them many acquaintances and friends, and their support and dedication keep those friendships close and strong. With so much zest for life and company, dull moments are sure to be few and far between.

While Consul/Aquarius might be fearful at first, when they do fall in love they fall rather hard. They care so much about the people in their lives and just want to do whatever they can to make them happy. When they love someone it isn’t something they can shake off, and is going to last for a long time. They become deeply connected to this person and think about them often. For them it is impossible to fall in love with someone without giving it their all, especially when they feel that special connection. They long for relationships that value not only a mental connection, but also honesty and independence. As these people can be a bit of a loner, they will give their partner the same sense of independence, always treating them as their equal and respecting their boundaries. When it comes to love, they are generally committed for life and willing to make sacrifices for the sake of their relationship. One thing to look out for is Consul/Aquarius's unrelenting anger should they be betrayed. Cross them, and the relationship will likely end right then and there! Don't expect forgiveness here!

They have a go-with-the-flow attitude. It's not that they don't get stressed, but they don't let stress get to them the same way it might get to other people. They make hard things look easy, because they find the joy in the journey. They make cool look effortless—because for them, it is. They wear what they like with confidence, and people take notice.






Afraid of conflict


Short fuse