ENTJ / Cancer

Commander (ENTJ) - CANCER

Who is a Commander (ENTJ)?

Commanders are individuals with the Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Judging personality traits. They tend to be charismatic, direct, and analytical people who prefer to focus on the bigger picture. Being natural born leaders, commanders are often perceived as assertive and uninhibited people who won't hesitate expressing their opinion.

Commander/Cancer need to be needed. In all aspects of their lives, they have an overwhelming desire to feel appreciated in order to develop a sense of security and identity. They can have developed some very thick armor to help them deal with the changes in the world. They can be quite deep and mysterious, their outer appearances hiding the depth of their feelings. They don’t like revealing too much of themselves. They have many gifts which make it possible for them to have a great deal of personal power, if they don't forget to remain balanced in their lives. They are innovative, long-range thinkers with he tools to accomplish whatever goals they set out for. They are able to inspire and invigorate others, and this in turn helps them to accomplish their often ambitious goals that could never be finished alone.

They don’t like change. They are drawn to stability and routine. They like to know what is expected. They tend to be less experimental than other Commander combos. They have an attraction to the past. They like to keep traditions alive. They like art that reminds them of a different time. They love old stories, or old art forms. Predictable environments make them feel comfortable. They like to know what’s going to happen. They like to feel that they’re part of a bigger plan. They don’t like surprises. They also tend to have an odd sense of humor, and can sometimes find humor in situations where others don't see it. This means they are great to have around when things are not going great - they will bring with them their innate understanding of how to care for people alongside that humor. They are very understanding people, and work well as friends. They are quick to share, despite their cool exterior, and value honesty in others.

They want to be loved, but they don’t trust that it will last. They want to be touched, but don’t trust the intentions of the person touching them. They want to be protected, but they don’t trust that anyone will protect them. Once they fall in love with an actual person, they will carry the romantic feelings for their entire life. Commander/Cancer flirtation always seems to have a hidden agenda. It’s not uncommon for a Commander/Cancer to suddenly realize they have told someone about their family history or their feelings on a recent tragedy before even realizing what they’re doing. They value growth and learning. They often pursue opportunities to improve themselves and the way they think and act. This is a great trait for professional development, which makes them often high earners in their industry. However, in a relationship, their desire for growth means that their partners sometimes feel left behind. Acts of service or thoughtful gifts are nice for them, but it doesn’t touch them as much as showing admiration does. They thrive on being wanted.

Commander/Cancer are known for their sheer productivity, efficiency and focus, often being able to handle many tasks without dropping or defaulting on any of them. They have limitless energy for their work and they produce more than favorable results. They often obtain what they go after because they are persistent and not afraid to ask trusted people for help.